International Advisory Board Workshop
Juin 19 – Juin 20 Journée entière


International Advisory Board Workshop

[Edition 2017]

June 19/20

Be aware that the workshop is taking place at the ESCP Europe – Monparnasse Campus and not at the usual location at 79 Av. de la République.

ESCP Europe, Paris Campus Montparnasse

3 Rue Armand Moisant, 75015 Paris, France

This workshop is organized in conjunction with the International Advisory Board annual Meeting. Please find here the composition of the IAB.

Organized by

Pr Gerard Hertig and Pr Christophe Moussu


 Program (link)


Monday, June 19, 2017


09:30      Welcome

09:45      Shyam Sunder (Yale), Clear Rules, Ambiguity, Discretion and Culture: Components of Effective Financial Regulation, (Paper)

Discussant: Gerard Hertig (ETH Zurich) 10:45          Coffee Break

11:00             Michael Troege (ESCP Europe & Labex ReFi), Cheap Talk and Strategic Rounding in LIBOR Submissions, (Paper)

Discussant: Gunther Capelle-Blancard (Paris 1 and LabEx ReFi) 12:15        Lunch

14:00      Jill Fish (Berkeley & Penn), Merger Litigation, (Paper)

Discussant: Arthur Petit-Romec (LabEx ReFi)

15.00      Coffee Break



(15.15      International Advisory Board Meeting)



Tuesday, June 20, 2017

09:00      Marti G. Subrahmanyam (NYU), Credit Default Swaps around the World: Investment and Financing Effects, (Paper)

Discussant: Michael Troege (ESCP & LabEx ReFi) 10:00     Coffee Break

10:15      Carlotta Mariotto (LabEx ReFi), What Drives the Expansion of the Peer-to-Peer Lending?, (Paper)

Discussant: Alberta Di Giuli (ESCP Europe and LabEx ReFi)

11:15      Gunther Capelle-Blancard (Paris 1 & LabEx ReFi). European Banks and Tax Heavens, (Paper)

Discussant: Shyam Sunder (Yale) 12:30      Lunch

14:00      Federica Salvade (LabEx ReFi), Rating Announcements, Volatility, Bid-Ask Spread and Trading Activity on US Bond Markets, (Paper)

Discussant: Lei Zhao (ESCP Europe & LabEx ReFi)

15.00      Coffee Break

15.15      Jose Martin-Flores (ESCP Europe & LabEx ReFi), Is Bank Capital Sensitive to a Tax Allowance on Marginal Equity?, (Paper)

Discussant:  Thomas David (ESCP Europe)

16.15      Lei Zhao (ESCP Europe & LabEx ReFi), Credit Risk “Beta”: The Systematic Aspect of Bank Default Risk (Paper)

Discussant: Federica Salvade (LabEx ReFi)

17.15      End of the Workshop


Due to limited access, please register before June 6

Participants are requested to attend the 2 days of the workshop


For more information please contact :

Lear more about Labex ReFi Workshops  (here)

European Law Institute (ELI) – SIG on Business and Financial Law Inaugural Workshop
Juin 23 Journée entière



European Law Institute (ELI) – SIG on Business and Financial Law

Inaugural Workshop,


European Law Institute – University of Wien

Program (PDF)

Workshop Program As inaugural event of the SIG on Business and Financial Law of the European Law Institute (ELI), the SIG coordinators aim to organise an international workshop comprising a series of three plenary panels on the following main SIG topics:

  • Financial transparency and accountability of corporate groups and financial intermediaries
  • Groups of companies, shareholder rights and obligations, and related responsibilities and liabilities
  • Cross border mobility of companies

The workshop aims to generate an open discussion with all the participants, developing review and constructive critique of existing laws and regulations, while setting plans for the SIG future work in view to contribute to the European law-making on these matters.

10:30-11h00 Registration and welcome address

 Workshop organisers

  • Georges Cavalier (University of Lyon 3, ELI Tax Law Project)
  • Peter Doralt (WU – Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)

11:00-12h30 Panel 1 – Financial transparency and accountability of corporate groups and financial intermediaries

  • Moderator and lead organiser: Yuri Biondi, CNRS & LabEx ReFi

Panel Presentation (retrieved from the SIG program)

The SIG plans to organize a working group dealing with the adaptation of European and national company law and related laws and regulations concerning compliance, reporting, disclosure and transparency, with a view to foster accountability of corporate groups and financial intermediaries. The focus of the working group will be on the current reporting, disclosure and transparency regime within the EU concerning corporate groups and their investors. In this context, national rules should be assessed in order to (i) better understand the chain of intermediaries facilitating cross-border establishments, (ii) identify corporate structures and their ultimate investors, (iii) speed up procedures and communication between companies and national authorities, (iv) assess the capability to submit electronic demand of cross border transfers of seat and other major company law operations, (v) allow the harmonization of investments standards in the EU in order to facilitate long-term engagements, (vi) assessing laws and regulations concerned with reporting and disclosure of financial and non-financial information.

Invited speakers:

Kostantinos Sergakis (University of Glasgow School of Law) – (Bio)

Colin Haslam (Queen Mary University of London) – (Bio)

General Debate and further ELI SIG plans on the matter

12:30-13:30 :  Lunch Break

Panel 2 – Groups of companies, shareholder rights and obligations, and related responsibilities and liabilities

  • Moderator and lead organiser:  Corrado Malberti

Panel Presentation (retrieved from the SIG program)

The SIG believes it may be important to investigate how the measures enhance the position of shareholders and stakeholders in European companies, while facilitating their long-term commitments to those companies and enhancing the wider framework for sustainable finance (Shareholders’ Rights Directive revision, employee ownership and supervision, corporate governance reporting, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues which combine with the previous topics). The SIG intends to deal in particular with aspects regarding the power to give instructions and the responsibility sharing and joint liability among parent and affiliated companies. The concerns related to corporate group liabilities will be scrutinized both in relation to creditor protection in insolvency situations, and involuntary creditors in e.g. environmental hazardous activity caused by a subsidiary. Further attention may be paid to the intersection between company and financial law on topics such as banking company groups, financial engineering and design of complex financial derivatives and conduits, consolidation and disclosure of off-balance sheet financial activities.

Invited speakers:

  •  Hana Horak (Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb) – (Bio)
  • Denis Philippe (Catholic University of Louvain) – (Bio)
  • Alexia Autenne (Catholic University of Louvain) – (Bio)

General Debate and further ELI SIG plans on the matter

15:00-15:30 : Coffee Break

Panel 3 – Cross border mobility of companies

  • Moderator and lead organiser: Andra Cotiga-Raccah

Panel Presentation (retrieved from the SIG program)

The SIG aims to consider cross-border mobility with a focus of both company, accounting and tax law issues. The topic of cross-border mobility regards also PIL aspects to which the SIG is very sensitive to. From this perspective, the SIG will focus on the interest of adopting a uniform conflict of law rule relating to the international law of companies within the EU. In particular, we will deal with the assessment of the law applicable to a company legally formed according to the law of one Member State (Lex Incorporationis) and the limits that should be reserved to its application. Other PIL issues relating to international company and financial law may be assessed by the SIG depending on the further evolution of EU/national law. In particular, the working group may pay attention to the ongoing revision of financial market law directives concerning the definition of home and host states in cross-border investment relation, including relevant ECJ cases related to these issues.

Invited speakers:

  • Jessica Schmidt (Bayreuth U) –  (Bio)

General Debate and further ELI SIG plans on the matter

16h30 – 17h30: ELI SIG General Meeting, open to all the participants


For more information please contact : Ms. Ala Sabanovic (ELI) –

Les workshop du Labex ReFi (ici)

Research Seminar, ReFi – Wages in Finance, by Ariell Reshef *** POSTPONED TO SEPTEMBER ***
Juin 23 @ 12 h 00 min – 13 h 30 min




Organized by Prof. Gunther Capelle-Blancard (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Labex ReFi) and Prof. Christophe Moussu (ESCP Europe, Labex ReFi).




Ariell Reshef

Paris School of Economics

(cv & bio)




Consult the paper tbc

Abstract : tbc

79 avenue de la République 75011 Paris
Friday 23rd june 2017
12:00am  to  13:30pm, Room5119
For security reason, please register before the deadline.
Deadline: 22nd june
NB. If you are prevented from coming, we would be obliged if you could inform us as soon as possible at
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