Workshop FinTech Series whithin the framework of the 11th International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE 2017)
Déc 16 Journée entière

Organized by

Dominique Guégan, University of Paris 1 (Bio & CV) and LabEx ReFi head of the FinTech research Group

Risks and fintech (CO738)

Location: Senate House, University of London

Forecasting inflection points: Hybrid methods with machine learning algorithms

by Pr. Julien Chevallier (University Paris8)

Bitcoins and challenges for financial regulation

by Pr. Dominique Guegan (University Paris1 and LabEx ReFi)

Impact of multimodality of distributions on VaR and ES calculations
by Dr. Kehan Li (Goldman Sachs)

Regulatory learning: How to supervise machine learning models with an application to credit scoring

by Dr. Bertrand Hassani (Capgemini)

Blockchain towards legal recognition in the US and EU?

by Stephane Blemus (University Paris1)


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