Journal of Banking & Finance, Volume 50, Pages 1-644 (January 2015)

Special Section on Financial Regulation and Systemic Risk; Edited by Kostas Andriosopoulos and Raphael Douady

The papers included in this special issue are drawn from a series of papers presented at the 3rd International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society (FEBS) that took place on 6th–8th June, 2013 at the ESCP Europe Paris campus. The Conference was organised by the Laboratory of Excellence for Financial Regulation (LabEx-ReFi), under the auspices of the FEBS.

Established in 2010 in Greece, FEBS is a non-profit research society, with a global orientation aiming towards the promotion of decision making approaches in the fields of financial engineering and banking. The Laboratory of Excellence for Financial Regulation (LabEx-ReFi) has been created as an initiative of CNAM, ENA, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (CES, PRISM and IRJS) and ESCP Europe (the project leader) in the context of the “Grand Emprunt”. The LabEx-ReFi is a research centre dedicated to the evaluation of regulation policies, with its main objectives being to improve the understanding of financial systems and regulations’ implications, with a view of providing public authorities with independent academic expertise and guidelines for actions.

The 2013 FEBS meeting placed a special emphasis on the developments of new financial regulations and the aversion of systemic risk in a post-financial crisis era. Hence, this issue covers a wide range of topics related to financial regulation, financial engineering, bank governance and systemic risk, presenting high level theoretical and/or empirical research results related to the theme of the special issue.

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