PhD Program




Since its creation, the LabEx ReFi has promoted PhD theses on financial regulation. PhD theses in the area of finance are numerous, either financed via doctoral contracts or via a CIFRE agreement in partnership with a company. However, there are only few theses devoted specifically to regulatory aspects.

LabEx ReFi’s doctoral program accompanies the doctoral theses on financial regulation of about 20 PhD students, which are in majority enrolled in the doctoral schools of the Economics or Management department of the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Of these PhD students, one half is financed by the LabEx ReFi (on average, LabEx ReFi selects and finances 2 PhD students each year), the other half consists of doctoral contracts or is privately funded.

The LabEx ReFi offers its’ PhD students a substantial material support (purchase of computer equipment, data bases and documentation material) and co-finances conference fees, the possibility to participate in complementary trainings and eventually short research visits abroad. LabEx ReFi also accompanies its’ PhD students in their search of future employment. The ‘first generation’ of LabEx ReFi PhD students obtained their doctoral degree in 2015. In addition, the LabEx ReFi organizes a monthly, internal doctoral lunch seminar as well as a yearly one-day workshop, to which PhD students working on financial regulation from other institutions are invited.

Given their expertise, LabEx ReFi’s PhD students mostly pursue an academic career (either via a post-doc position abroad or by obtaining an assistant professor position), join a regulatory authority or are recruited as economists by a central bank.

Gunther Capelle-Blancard

Director of the PhD Program

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