34th Symposium on Money, Banking and Finance [Call for Papers]

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This conference is being organised by the GdRE in partenership with Labex ReFi. It is coordinated by Jean-Bernard CHATELAIN (CES, Labex ReFi), Alexis DIRER (GDRE Co-Directors), Christophe BOUCHER, and Michel BOUTILLIER (heads of local committee).

Keynote speakers

  • Philippe BACCHETTA (HEC Lausanne and Swiss Finance Institute)
  • Thorsten BECK (Cass Business School)
  • Michael BORDO (Rutgers University)

Roundtable “Brexit and The City

  • Patrick ARTUS (NATIXIS),
  • Christian NOYER (Banque de France).
  • FROG working group representative (AMF-AFG).
  • Paul MIZEN (Univ. Nottingham, MMF)
  • Andrew MULLINEUX (Birmingham Business School, MMF)

We welcome the submission of research papers on the list of topics below:

•Financial systems, micro finance, growth and economic development
•Exchange rate, trade and capital flows
•The international monetary system and financial crisis
•Market finance, behavioral finance, funds and portfolio management
•Monetary and financial history and cliometrics
•Alternative finance: islamic, sustainable, ethical or social
•Pensions and insurance markets
•Monetary policy, fiscal policy and policy mix
•Monetary theory, systems of payment, prices and money demand
•Banking risk and stability, liquidity and contagion, prudential regulations
•Banking competition, mergers and costs, interest rates
•Corporate finance and corporate governance, venture capital
•Credit, asset prices and economic cycles


A complete paper in English or French (PDF format) must be submitted electronically from November 21, 2016 to February 27, 2017

Submit your paper here

The results of the selection procedure will be announced by mid-April 2017.


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