Markets, Banking and Financial Risks Supervision



  • Production of high-standard research on the governance of financial regulation, financial management techniques and risks in the financial sector
  • Foster researches related to financial management techniques and their interplay with the governance of financial regulation.
  • Assessment of risks associated with retail or corporate financial products and investment strategies, operational, reputational risks and the govern financial institutions, usefulness and monitoring of credit rating agencies, sovereign credit risk within the Eurozone and informational efficiency of financial markets are key issues to be addressed.

Research Approach

The axis will support publication of involved researchers in mainstream finance and accounting academic journals and contribute to a number of high quality Labex policy papers. It will leverage on the monthly research seminar “Comptabilité, Contrôle, Finance” sponsored by the Ecole de Management de la Sorbonne (PRISM), GGREGOR at IAE de Paris and CNAM and on the corresponding seminar managed by the axe “Monnaie, Banque, Finance” at the Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne

Research contribution

  • Contribute to the study of interaction effects between financial regulation and theoretical and empirical issues regarding informational efficiency and microstructure of securities markets
  • Contribute to the impact assessment of financial regulations on the financial sector

Expected Practical implications

  • Improve the governance of financial regulation (i.e. how rules related to the oversight of financial markets (such as EMIR, UCITS, AIFMD or DFA) and institutions (CRD IV, Solvency 2) are being implemented and monitored.
  • Provide feedback and food for thought to regulators regarding the way Consultative Papers, Quantitative Impact Studies (Basel 3 or EBA QIS) and monitoring and reporting exercises (ECB or EIOPA Stress-testing methodologies, Basel 3 RCAP (Regulatory Consistency Assessment Programme), EBA benchmarking exercises, …)
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