One of the main objectives of Labex ReFi was the acquisition of databases that are not tied to only one given research project and that can be shared between its constitutive research institutions as well as between several research projects. Financial databases are today an essential, but costly, component of top quality fi nancial research. Sharing these databases between Labex ReFi members has not only allowed cost reductions but it has also enabled our researchers and students from constitutive institutions to access a much broader selection of databases than it would have been otherwise possible.

Labex ReFi has acquired many different kinds of databases that have been made available to all its members. Labex ReFi has recently circulated an evaluation questionnaire to gauge how much those databases are being used by its members. Nearly 60% of the surveyed people, senior researchers and PhD students, report using at least one database for their research. Moreover, many professors have reported that their master’s students have used those databases for the master’s thesis. For example, between 2011 and 2014, more than 200 master’s thesis defended at the fi nance department of the ESCP Europe business school relied on one of the Labex ReFi databases.

Research conducted using those databases has led to a great number of scientifi c papers written by Labex ReFi members, some of which have been published in top peer reviewed journals.

Labex director for database is Pr. Stéphane Thomas, Sorbonne University Paris 1 <>.

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