RULES TO APPLY for postdoctoral fellowship at Labex Refi

The Labex ReFi offers regularly postdoctoral fellowships on topics related to financial regulation.

We invite interested PhD students to:

  1. submit a research project on the following application form : LabEx Postdoc – Summary description of research project
  2. send a curriculum vitae and a cover letter to Fahmi Ben Abdelkader : (The subject field of the message must be “Labex Refi Postdoctoral fellowship application”.)
  3. send a copy of your job-market paper or any research paper that you consider as representative of your current research.

The preselected candidates will be interviewed by a panel of three Labex members.

NB. The postdoctoral research has to be conducted within one of the Labex research axis (more information here) and under the supervision of its director.


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