Finance and Society



• Production of knowledge around the positive and negative effects of finance on the real economy, both at the micro and macro levels
• Production of high-standard scientific papers and organization of events (research seminars, workshops, conferences)
• Exchange ideas with senior scholars, professionals and policy-makers worldwide
• Contribute to the current policy debate about financial stability, financial regulation and the real economy

Research Approach

Scholars from several disciplines are involved (Economics, Management, Finance, Law) with varied research approaches (theoretical approach, econometric studies, case studies, surveys…).

Research Contribution

The research of the axis is organized along three main topics:

• The effects of financial decisions and capital markets on the real economy
• Reconsidering the role and incentives in banks and other financial institutions
• Reconsidering the role and efficiency of financial regulation

Expected Practical implications 

• Contribute with empirical evidence to policy discussions regarding the role and impact of finance on the real economy
• Contribute to the debate on incentives in banks and other financial institutions to prevent new financial crises
• Contribute to the policy debates within the financial regulation bodies in the EU
• Shed more light on firm and bank governance issues that are useful for their managers and boards
• Help reconcile finance and society for a wider audience

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