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Training programs started at the master level in 2015 with a European Financial Forum, which brought together the students of the four founding institutions to the European Parliament.

In 2016, a 30-hour financial regulation course was offered to master students of ESCP-Europe and Paris 1. 60 students successfully passed the exam for this course, which was designed by the LabEx team to associate professionals, thus featuring quants (specializing in credit and market risk measurement) and senior bankers who had participated in international negotiations at the G20 (for example, Jean- François Lepetit, director of BNPParibas). The evaluation showed it necessary to introduce the matter, and there is some demand for more advanced courses. Hence in 2017, the course will be supplemented by an introductory module and an advanced module in English and open to CNAM students.

Our doctoral program relied so far on the existing courses in the founding institutions (notably the common ESCP-Europe-Sorbonne school of management track and the economics doctoral program. The LabEx added a joint PhD workshop in June 2016 with HEC and INSEAD. This event will be perpetuated with an annual pace, but the 2017 academic year should also see the implementation of a specific ReFi doctoral track.

Beginning in 2017, the LabEx ReFi is participating in the AMF training with CNAM: this compulsory professional qualification will be offered under preferential conditions to all L3 students of the founding institutions.

In addition to initial training, the LabEx ReFi developed continuing education programs, in particular with the European Institute of Financial Regulation (EIFR) and with the Corps des Mines. They are essentially transfer seminars involving academic experts in financial regulation with professionals and regulators.

Pierre-Charles Pradier

Academic Co-director

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