International Advisory Board Workshop

This workshop is organized in conjunction with the International Advisory Board annual Meeting. Please find here the composition of the IAB.

Organized by

Pr Gerard Hertig and Pr Christophe Moussu

[Edition 2017]


Program (PDF)

Monday, June 19

09:30      Welcome

09:45      Shyam Sunder (Yale), Clear Rules, Ambiguity, Discretion and Culture: Components of Effective Financial Regulation
Discussant: Gerard Hertig (ETH Zurich)

10:45      Coffee Break

11:00      Michael Troege (ESCP Europe & Labex ReFi), Cheap Talk and Strategic Rounding in LIBOR Submissions (Paper)
Discussant: Gunther Capelle-Blancard (Paris 1 and LabEx ReFi)

12:15      Lunch

14:00      Jill Fish (Berkeley & Penn), Merger Litigation (Paper)
Discussant: Arthur Petit-Romec (Labex ReFi)

15.00      Coffee Break


(15.15      International Advisory Board Meeting)


Tuesday, June 20, 2017


09:00      Marti G. Subrahmanyam (NYU), Credit Default Swaps around the World: Investment and Financing Effects (Paper)
Discussant: Christophe Moussu (ESCP & LabEx ReFi)

10:00      Coffee Break

10:15      Carlotta Mariotto (LabEx ReFi), What Drives the Expansion of the Peer-to-Peer Lending? (Paper)
Discussant: Michael Troege (ESCP Europe and LabEx ReFi)

11:15      Gunther Capelle-Blancard (Paris 1 & LabEx ReFi). European Banks and Tax Heavens (Paper)
Discussant: Shyam Sunder (Yale)

12:30      Lunch

14:00      Federica Salvade (LabEx ReFi), Credit Rating Actions: New Evidence (Paper)
Discussant: Lei Zhao (ESCP Europe & LabEx ReFi)

15.00      Coffee Break

15.15   Jose Martin-Flores (ESCP Europe & LabEx ReFi), Is Bank Capital Sensitive to a Tax Allowance on Marginal Equity? (Paper)

Discussant: Thomas David (ESCP Europe)

16.15      Lei Zhao (ESCP Europe & LabEx ReFi), Credit Risk “Beta”: The Systematic Aspect of Bank Default Risk (Paper)
Discussant: Federica Salvade (LabEx ReFi)

17.15    End of the Workshop

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