Labex ReFi organizes a wide variety of seminars and events that could be classified according to the following categories:

1. Labex Research Seminar :

(designed for academic fellows)
  Partners Organizers
ReFi series

(Financial Regulation)

ESCP, Sorbonne Paris1 Christophe Moussu, Gunther Capelle-Blancard & Antoine Souchaud
Law & Finance Series ETH Zurich, ESCP, Sorbonne Law School – University of Paris 1 Gerard Hertig, Christophe Moussu and Alain Pietrancosta
FinTech Series Sorbonne Paris1 Dominique Guegan
Ethics & Finance series Chaire « Ethique et normes de la finance », Sorbonne Paris1 Pierre-Charles Pradier
PhD series ESCP, Sorbonne Paris1 Clément Goulet

2. Breakfast debate Labex & EIFR : 

(designed for academics, practitioners and policy makers)
  Partners Organizers
Breakfast debate Labex & EIFR EIFR (European Institute of Financial Regulation) Célia Bobin, Valérie Cantin and Emmanuel Poulle

3. Workshops

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4. Conferences

Labex ReFi organizes many regular annual conferences with prestigious partners.
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NB. All the new events are announced in the agenda
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